Services and Pricing
Firearm Transfers $45.00
Standard Bench Fee $30.00
Hourly Rate (per hour) $60.00
Disassemble, Clean and inspect handguns $65.00
Disassemble, Clean and inspect Revolvers $75.00
Disassemble, Clean and inspect Rifles $65.00
Install Scattergun Ghost Ring Sights on Remington 870 or 11-87 (Does not include sights) $90.00
Smith & Wesson M&P Install Apex Trigger Kit $65.00
1911 Trigger Job, 80 & 90 Series (Labor Only – parts not included) $140.00
1911 Trigger Job, 70 Series (Labor Only – parts not included) $135.00
Install After-market Sights $35.00
Trijicon Night Sights Installed $109.00
XS Big Dot Night Sights Installed $118.00
Ameriglo Night Sights Installed (M&P only) $109.00
Install Cominolli External Glock SafetyInstallation of this safety involves a small cut on the frame. (Price includes safety)Check out for more info. $160.00
360 Degree Grip Stipple JobRemove front finger grooves, remove front checkering, remove back strap checkering then 360 degree stipple grip area. $150.00
Stipple Thumb Rests (forward of slide lock) per each side $15.00
Round Trigger Guard and Stipple $45.00
Raise Trigger Guard at Front Strap and Blend $45.00
Magazine Well Cut-Outs $35.00
Stipple Magazine Floor Plate $10.00
Stipple Slide Cover Plate $10.00
Install Cominolli safety (does not include safety) $75.00
Stipple Crimson Trace Laser $50.00
Slide Work
Forward cocking serrations (three per side) $85.00
Contour nose of slide $80.00
Cerakote Slide
Hard Chrome Slide and Barrel $145.00
Nickel Teflon Coat slide and barrel Call
Hard Chrome or Nickel Teflon Misc. Parts (per each part) Call
Lighten slide also referred to as Slide Cut-outs (like 35 and 34) $80.00
Radius Ejection Port $45.00
Contour Rear of slide
Trigger Work
Supply and install polished Ghost 3.5# connector $91.95
Supply and install polished Ghost Edge 3.5# connector includes action work $101.95
Polish all trigger components (trigger job) $75.00
Supply and install New York #1 Trigger $18.00
Crown Barrel (11 degree target crown) Call
M & P Frame Work
Stipple grip. Insert (one panel) $35.00
Stipple front strap $35.00
Stipple additional grip insert $35.00
Stipple trigger Guard $20.00
Stipple thumb rest $15.00
Mag well cut outs $20.00
Remove beaver tail $35.00
Flatten area around mag release button $15.00
M & P Slide Work
Radius Slide $40.00
Contour slide $85.00
Hard-chrome slide $100.00
Hard-chrome slide and barrel $145.00
Hard-chrome parts (per part) $6.00
Teflon Nickel Coat (NP3) slide and barrel $160.00
Cerakote Slide and Barrel CALL
Polish Barrel $35.00
Smooth trigger and adjust travel and reset $75.00
Smooth trigger and adjust travel and reset 4 – 4.5 lbs $85.00
Polish Feed ramp for reliability $35.00
XS Big Dot Night Sights (installed) $125.00
Ameriglo Night Sights Installed (M&P only) $95.00
Crown Barrel (11 degree target crown) $45.00
If you don’t see what you want, call me at the shop.
614-999-1009 Ext. 402


14 responses to “Services

  1. Do you install any triggers that are lighter than the 3.5LB? I have a 17 and want the slide and trigger smoother and lighter so that I am able to shoot through stages a little bit quicker. We have a shooting team here in Columbus any chance you would be interested in being our Glock and M&P tech person and be on our jerseys for a reduced cost of work?

  2. Hey Adam, I have a special 2lb trigger for competitions. I have one of them in my shop (Glock 17L) Call me and we can discuss.

  3. Hello, do you have a price on installing a carbine length (7″) free floating tactical rail on an AR-15?

  4. Yes, I already have the rail. Just need it put on.

  5. How much do you charge to put in an apex trigger on an M&P 9mm?

    • I charge $75.00 but that includes polishing all of the components including the apex parts. Makes for a much smoother trigger with no grit

  6. Do you change sights on springfield xdms? if so, how much do you charge?

    • Do you mean the xds or the xdm? Yes to both but the pricing is different the xds is much more difficult to remove than the xdm but I do both

  7. Looking to have a .308 AR head spaced and the upper assembled (gas block already pinned). All parts needed supplied. Idea on a price for that? Thanks!

    • You providing the parts would be easiest and that way you wont have to pay sales tax on the parts you order. I can also provide the parts to do the upgrade but I would need a lot more information than provided. Either way we should be able to get you taken care of.

      • I apologize, I didn’t make that clear. I would be supplying all of the parts (currently only waiting on the barrel to deliver). The upper has the forward assist/dust cover installed already. I would be looking to have the bolt/barrel head spaced and the upper assembled the rest of the way. Hopefully that makes more sense.

  8. I have a spare barrel laying around and want to put it on my ar pistol. Can your shop cut and re-thread the barrel?

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