Ghost Ring Sights

Custom Remington 870 Police

When somebody asks me what I should do to my shotgun one of my first suggestions would be to add ghost ring sights. For many shooters, myself included, the ghost ring sight is one of the fastest types of sights for target acquisition. It is fairly accurate, easy to use, and obscures the target less than nearly all other non-optical sights. Because of this, ghost ring sights are commonly installed on combat shotguns. In my opinion, the ghost ring sight is the fastest and easiest to use shotgun sight available.

Staked Front Sight

My favorite ghost ring sight is made by Scattergun Technologies. It requires drilling and tapping of the receiver for the rear sight and the front sight is epoxyed on over the existing bead sight at the front of the barrel. I usually go a step further on my installs and stake the front sight through the bead sight so it doesn’t fall off during heavy use.

If you are thinking about having these sights installed on your Remington 870 or 11-87 or just have questions feel free to e-mail me or give me a call. The sights usually run around $115 to $150 dollars from Brownells and I charge $90.00 to install them, that includes staking the front sight.

Remember, you can click on any of the images for a larger view…


Top view of Scattergun Technologies rear sight made by Trijicon







Close up view of the rear Trijicon Ghost Ring Sight







Trijicon Ghost Ring Sight front view




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  1. Well written and straight forwards. Great pictures, such good detail. Thanks for the post.

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