The Right Tool for the Job

The right tool for the job
The Right Tools for the Job… I remember back in my younger years my first pistol was a Taurus PT 92 AF. I took such good care of that gun. I remember taking it to a local gunsmith in my area to have night sights installed. Three weeks later I got the call that the gun was ready for pickup. When I arrived at his shop my beautiful Taurus looked like it had been dragged behind a truck. The new night sights had nicks and dings and the slide had half-moon dents where the gunsmith had missed while beating on the sights. From that day on I told myself if I ever work on other people’s firearms I would treat their firearms as if they were my own and always try to have the correct gunsmith tool for the job. One of my other pet peeves is bolts or screws that have been “cobbed” up (damaged or disfigured). In my shop I have a 380 piece screwdriver set so I can match the screwdriver head to the screw preventing those unsightly “cob” marks. I use roll pin punches to remove roll pins and cup punches to remove round head pins like the ones found in the older H&K and Smith & Wesson revolvers. I use polymer screw drivers if any prying is needed to avoid any scratch marks. And if I am concerned about scratches or marks on some of the very expensive guns I will tape them up to protect them. If you bring your favorite AR-15 in to have the barrel nut removed I use a barrel nut wrench not a pair of channel locks. Another advantage to using the correct tool is the job will usually be easier and take half the time. So if you ever bring your gun to me for service you can be assured I will treat your firearm as if it’s my own.

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