The difference between a Remington 870 Express vs Remington 870 Police

Modified Remington 870 express

I am often asked the difference between a Remington 870 express home defense shotgun and The Remington 870 police shotgun. Other than the higher end milled receiver and aluminum trigger plate assembly it is pretty easy to bring your 870 express up to par with an 870 Police. I have a small kit that consists of ; a heavier sear spring, heavier carrier dog follower spring, machined extractor and a heavier duty magazine follower spring and follower. Listed below are some of the differences between the two shotguns.

The 870 Express Model has:
A plastic trigger plate assembly
Dimples in the magazine tube and the new style plastic magazine retention system, EXCEPT on the extended magazine versions, which do NOT have the dimples
A rougher finish inside and outside, with some additional machine marks
A rougher, bead blasted parkerization
A less polished bore
Hardwood or synthetic stock, with a sporting-length fore end and pressed-in checkering
The Defense version has 18″, Cylinder bore barrel, with a bead sight
The Marine Magnum and Tactical models have plated or polymer finishes
Metal Injection Molded (MIM) extractor

The 870 Police has:
An aluminum trigger plate assembly
The old style magazine retention system
A much smoother finish inside and out, no machine marks or burrs
The Police gun receives a higher level 23 point inspection and finishing built in a special area of the plant for police models only
A military-grade parkerized finish
A polished bore
A one piece barrel
Walnut or synthetic stock, with a short police-length fore end
The Remington “R3” super recoil pad that reduces felt recoil by 54%
Choices in different stocks, including Speed-feed, and others
18″ improved cylinder barrel, with a wider choice of sights, including rifle, ghost ring, and luminous
Police options like magazine extenders, forearms with built-in lights, and sling swivels
Heavier-duty magazine spring.
Heavier-duty trigger-sear spring (older model police only)
New police models have same sear spring as all remington shotguns
Heavier-duty carrier dog spring
Sling swivel mounts
No use of MIM parts, the extractor is milled steel

870 Reliability upgrade kit – you can click on image for a larger view

I have posted a picture of my 870 reliability upgrade kit. With the parts in this kit you can upgrade your 870 Express home defense to have similar reliability than that of the 870 police. The kit contains a wolf heavy duty magazine spring, scattergun technology follower, heavy duty sear spring (8 pound), heavy duty carrier dog spring and a machined steel extractor. I sell the kits for $58.99 + shipping.

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  2. I have read that 870 express have “stamped” parts while 870 wingmasters have only machined parts. Is this true? Is it important?

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