Glock 43 Stipple

Just finished a Glock 43 stipple job. I was able to do this same day for turnaround time. We have one of the shortest turnaround times for Glock stippling. This is the heavy tree bark type stippling. I can’t wait to do a 43X.

Ghost Ring Sights

Custom Remington 870 Police

When somebody asks me what I should do to my shotgun one of my first suggestions would be to add ghost ring sights. For many shooters, myself included, the ghost ring sight is one of the fastest types of sights for target acquisition. It is fairly accurate, easy to use, and obscures the target less than nearly all other non-optical sights. Because of this, ghost ring sights are commonly installed on combat shotguns. In my opinion, the ghost ring sight is the fastest and easiest to use shotgun sight available.

Staked Front Sight

My favorite ghost ring sight is made by Scattergun Technologies. It requires drilling and tapping of the receiver for the rear sight and the front sight is epoxyed on over the existing bead sight at the front of the barrel. I usually go a step further on my installs and stake the front sight through the bead sight so it doesn’t fall off during heavy use.

If you are thinking about having these sights installed on your Remington 870 or 11-87 or just have questions feel free to e-mail me or give me a call. The sights usually run around $115 to $150 dollars from Brownells and I charge $90.00 to install them, that includes staking the front sight.

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Top view of Scattergun Technologies rear sight made by Trijicon







Close up view of the rear Trijicon Ghost Ring Sight







Trijicon Ghost Ring Sight front view




The Right Tool for the Job

Gunsmith Hammers

Gunsmith Hammers

Although I am not a big fan of forcing things it is always a good thing to have the right hammer for the job. When you drop your firearm off to us we will treat it as if it is our own making sure not to leave a scratch or dent or as I call it buggering up your gun.

Keltek KSG Short Barrel


I get to work on all kinds of cool stuff and this was a first. Although I do a lot of work on the KSG’s this was the first short barrel KSG.

On Target Radio Show

On Target Radio Show

Dont Miss ‪#‎OnTarget‬, your ‪#‎talk‬ ‪#‎radio‬ show. ‪#‎gunoftheweek‬ ‪#‎cww‬ ‪#‎firearms‬ in the news. tune in saturday’s at 1PM on ‪#‎610wtvn‬. Special Guest this week Franklin County Sheriff Zach Scott.


357 Magnum Maximum or “Max”

357 Magnum Max Cartridge

Here is something you don’t see very often ‪#‎rifle‬ ‪#‎pistol‬ ‪#‎firearm‬‪#‎ammunition‬ on the left a ‪#‎357Magnum‬ ‪#‎revolver‬ round and on the right a‪#‎357MagnumMax‬ revolver round I would love to have a ‪#‎leveraction‬ rifle chambered for the 357 magnum max cartridge.

The Right Tool for the Job

The right tool for the job
The Right Tools for the Job… I remember back in my younger years my first pistol was a Taurus PT 92 AF. I took such good care of that gun. I remember taking it to a local gunsmith in my area to have night sights installed. Three weeks later I got the call that the gun was ready for pickup. When I arrived at his shop my beautiful Taurus looked like it had been dragged behind a truck. The new night sights had nicks and dings and the slide had half-moon dents where the gunsmith had missed while beating on the sights. Continue reading

EDC Every Day Carry

EDC or Every Day Carry refers to the philosophy or spirit of ‘preparedness’ that goes along with the selection and carrying of these items. Implicit in the term is the sense that an EDC is an individual’s personal selection of equipment, arrived at after deliberation, rather than a standardized kit. I pretty much don’t leave home without the items pictured above. I also carry a wallet keys and glasses. In the summer I usually opt for the smaller flashlight and I also have an EDC backpack that is usually close by. L to R Spyderco Paramilitary, Olight M22 Warrior, iPhone 6plus and Custom Glock 19

OnTarget Radio Show

JC (Jon) talking about the new Taurus M3 80 revolver during today’s OnTarget radio show on 610WTVN. This could be a game changer for those who don’t like the recoil of the 38 special revolver. We have one for rent on the range so you can try it out if you want and they are in stock for purchase too.


Product Warning / Recall Notice – Winchester 22 LR

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Olin Corporation, through its Winchester Division, is recalling two (2) lots of M*22™ 22 Long Rifle 40 Grain Black Copper Plated Round Nose rimfire ammunition. Symbol Number: S22LRT Lot Numbers: GD42L and GD52L Winchester has determined the above lots of 22 Long Rifle rimfire ammunition may contain double powder charges.
Ammunition with double powder charges may subject the shooter or bystanders to a risk of serious personal injury and/or death, or cause firearm damage, rendering the firearm inoperable. Do Not Use Winchester® M*22™ 22 Long Rifle Rimfire Ammunition With Lot Numbers GD42L or GD52L. The ammunition Lot Number is imprinted (stamped without ink) on the left tuck flap of the 500-round carton as indicated in the nearby photo. The 1000-round intermediate carton does not have a Lot Number.

Continue reading